As the oldest family-owned and operated complete sugar mill in the United States, M. A. Patout & Son, LTD, LLC has a history deeply rooted in the grounds of Louisiana and has served as a backbone of the American sugar industry since its beginning in 1825. At the heart of the mill, deep beneath the gears and boilers, lies the hidden tale of the family who built it. The voices of the ones who built the mill are still heard today with every blast of steam and every whistle blown. Their story is a source of inspiration, innovation and a family’s plight to keep their past in the present.

M. A. Patout & Son is pleased to announce the William S. Patout III Sugar Library in collaboration with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The collection is compiled of materials on the production, industry, history and chemistry of sugarcane. The items are housed at M. A. Patout & Son and Dupre Library manages the collection.

Dupre Library also hosts the Patout Family Collection which contains materials brought to the 1975 Patout Family reunion. The people prominently represented in the collection are: Simeon Patout, Appoline Fournier Patout, Hypolite Patout and Mary Ann Schwing Patout.