Enterprise Plantation

Enterprise Plantation is a producer of Louisiana raw sugar, blackstrap molasses and cane syrup. Enterprise has the processing capacity of 22,000 tons of cane per day and over 2,300,000 tons of cane for the entire grinding season. Currently, Enterprise has the first and only cane diffuser operating in North America.

Equipped with two machine shops, Enterprise Plantation maintains a complete service center for truck and field equipment repairs. All cane for grinding is received by tractor and truck which can be discharged by either side or rear dumps.

All finished products from Enterprise Plantation are shipped by railroad, truck or barge.

Enterprise Plantation
3512 J Patout Burns Road
Jeanerette, LA 70394
Phone: 337.276.4592
Fax: 337.276.4247
Email: rromero@mapatoutla.com